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To SpaWell is to thrive….

Like the sunshine of beautiful Napa Valley, SpaWell, is a place where inspired beauty and body treatments leave guests refreshed, renewed, and revived, allowing daydreams to blossom and spirits to thrive. This is your story, where you devote time to yourself to recharge, revitalize, discover your dreams, and make them a bold, breathtaking reality.

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A 20% staff charge will be added to the price of the services and is at the discretion of the guest to adjust. Additional gratuities are a matter of personal discretion and should reflect your satisfaction with our services.


Discover our signature services, from massages and facials to body treatments.

    Massage >

    SpaWell Signature Massage

    50 MIN WKD $190 | WKND $200
    80 MIN WKD $300 | WKND $310

    This light-to-medium calming massage will lull you into a deep state of relaxation.

    Senses Aromatherapy Massage

    50 MIN WKD $210 | WKND $220
    80 MIN WKD $320 | WKND $330

    Customized aromatherapy medium-pressure massage leaves your muscles relaxed and your mind rejuvenated.

    Balance CBD Massage

    50 MIN WKD $220 | WKND $230
    80 MIN WKD $340 | WKND $350

    Bring harmony to your body with this light-to-medium pressured CBD and Arnica enhanced massage that will bring complete relaxation to your mind and body.

    Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    50 MIN WKD $220 | WKND $230
    80 MIN WKD $340 | WKND $350

    This light-to-medium pressure massage uses warm salt stones to soothe sore muscles and naturally replenish the body with vital minerals.

    Couples Serenity Masssage

    50 MIN WKD Starting at $380 ($190 PER PERSON) | WKND $400 ($200 PER PERSON)
    80 MIN WKD Starting at $600 ($300 PER PERSON) | WKND $620 ($310 PER PERSON)

    Couples massage is a great way to spend quality time with that special someone in your life. Choose a massage and enjoy your time together.

    Renewal Deep Tissue Massage

    50 MIN WKD $210 | WKND $220
    80 MIN WKD $330 | WKND$340

    Enjoy the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage paired with Arnica oil to help reduce inflammation in your muscles and increase range of motion. This treatment will help aid in the reduction of sore muscles and speed up recovery.

    Prenatal Massage

    50 MIN WKD $190 | WKND $200

    This pampering and relaxing experience is designed with the safety and comfort of mother and child in mind. This massage reduces stress, muscle pain and improves sleep.

    Massage Enhancements

    Foot Scrub $30
    Knesko Eye Mask $30
    CBD Oil $30
    Scalp Treatment $30
    Himalayan Salt Stones $30

    Body Treatments >

    Balance Restoring CBD Wrap

    50 MIN WKD $220 | WKND $230
    80 MIN WKD $330 | WKND$340

    Enjoy a shea butter and CBD oil wrap infused with plant extracts, while a grounding foot massage with cayenne and CBD brings relief from aches and pains.

    Rosemary Citron Salt Body Scrub

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210

    Mineral-rich Sea Salts are blended with spicy Rosemary and Citrus Essential Oils to stimulate circulation and slough away dull, flaky skin. This invigorating scrub will soften the skin, leaving the surface smooth and polished.

    Seaweed Body Wrap Treatment

    50 MIN WKD $220 | WKND $230
    80 MIN WKD $330 | WKND $340

    A nutrient-rich treatment blended with potent herbal extracts and essential oils to help hydrate and restore skin tone and vitality.

    Lemon Verbena Body Polish

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210

    This deeply nourishing body polish leaves skin radiant and spirits lifted. Bright citrus notes of Lemon Verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with hydrating Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to ease the discomfort of dryness.

    SpaWell Signature Body Scrub

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210

    This refreshing body scrub hydrates and brightens dull skin. Micronized Walnut Shells exfoliate, while Mimosa and Bamboo extracts create lasting softness. Sparkling notes of Lemongrass combined with seductive floral aromas of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang stimulate the senses for total relaxation.

    Facials >

    SpaWell Signature Facial

    50 MIN WKD $190 | WKND $200
    80 MIN WKD $300 | WKND $310

    This facial focuses on skin as a reflection of your inner health, delivering a results-driven treatment. Begin with a sculpting massage with our probiotic Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm to release tension and improve blood flow. Each facial includes an in-depth skin analysis, enzymatic exfoliation, botanical facial massage, and targeted treatments with clean cosmeceuticals to recharge your skin.

    Advanced Wrinkle Remedy Facial

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210
    80 MIN WKD $310 | WKND $320

    This facial stimulates cellular renewal with our performance-driven retinol products. In this regenerating treatment, all-natural AHAs exfoliate dead skin cells, and active ingredients including Argan Plant Stem Cells, Peptides and Retinol work together to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin tone and firmness.

    Vitamin C Glow Facial

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210
    80 MIN WKD $310 | WKND $320

    This glow enhancing treatment combines potent, brightening L-Ascorbic Acid with three hydrating algae’s that will brighten, firm, and tone.

    Restorative Facial

    50 MIN WKD $200 | WKND $210
    80 MIN WKD $310 | WKND $320

    Designed to help calm inflammation, alleviate redness, and repair the skin’s barrier function. This facial instantly restores the skin’s moisture balance.

    Gentleman’s Wellness Facial

    50 MIN WKD $190 | WKND $200

    Cleanse, clarify and boost your energy with this facial specifically customized to the needs of the male skin. Skin is left soothed and revitalized.

    Intraceuticals Custom Oxygen Facial

    50 MIN WKD $220 | WKND $230

    The flow of oxygen powers this hydrating facial experience with undeniable visible lifting and toning.

    Intraceuticals Advance Oxygen Facial

    80 MIN WKD $330 | WKND $340

    This targeted treatment is the perfect, non-invasive alternative. Instantly firm, lift and plump your skin for a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Intraceuticals Enhancements

    (no additional time required)
    Antioxidant+ $30 | Vitamin A+ $30 | Vitamin C+3 $30 | Collagen+ $30 | Eye/Lip Treatment $30 | Atoxelene $30

    Facial Enhancements

    (no additional time required)
    Knesko Mask $30
    Knesko Eye $30
    Knesko Serum $30
    Knesko Lip $30
    Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $30


    Brow, $29
    Lip, $19
    Chin, $19
    Full Face, $65

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